Do you want to be Intuitive and Psychic?

Being Intuitive means listening to the wisdom within.

It means understanding the messages that are given to you by 'knowing', feeling, sensing and hearing.

Do you want to learn how to be sensitive but not oversensitive?

Do you want to feel grounded and yet use that intuitive superpower to its best advantages?

This course shows you how to find YOUR intuitive superpower.

Once upon a time...

...there was a woman totally overwhelmed by her psychic and sensitive abilities. You see, I was born psychic.

Being psychic and sensitive was not easy. I did not know how to mange my emotions AND psychic ability.

What was my intuition and what was my fear?

What was right and what was wrong?

How could I stay tuned in but also with my feet on the ground?

Over years of inner work and various trainings I was able to find ways to hear and understand the messages I was receiving.

Today I teach women from all over the world how to tune into their intuition, how to read the Tarot and Oracle cards and how to meet their Inner High Priestess.

Guess what - you are probably psychic too, because its a gift we all have to some degree.

In this course I will guide you to make your innate intuition stronger and stronger.

What will I learn in this course?

7 In-depth Video Lessons

7 Workbooks

Lesson 1

Introduction to Intuition and the various types

Lesson 2

Your way of receiving messages and intuitive insight

Lesson 3

Herstory and YOUR story and how to reclaim your birthright

Lesson 4

The greatest skill revealed to enhance your intuition

Lesson 5

Meet your own unique intuition

Lesson 6

7 tips, 5 pieces of advice and 3 practices

Lesson 7

7 ways to bring Intuition into your everyday life

Supercharge your Intuition

The foundation of any divination style is your intuition. Without intuition - tarot, oracle cards, and other systems are just words and guesswork. It's time to switch back on that innate superpower you have inside you and this course is the beginning...

"Sinead is a cracking teacher with the heart of a shaman".

Fay Robertson. United Kingdom.

Transformational Card reader, Angel medium & Healer.

An Intuitive Women knows...

  • What she wants
  • What she does not want
  • Where she wants to go
  • Who she wants to love
  • Who she wants to avoid
  • What steps to take next
  • How to keep herself safe
  • How to create her own destiny

Would you have to be an Intuitive Woman?

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