I am not currently taking VIP clients - doors opening again soon.

For sensitive women who know their intuition is their superpower.

Join me for a deep dive into Tarot as I hold your hand. Get full lifetime access to The Diploma in Tarot.

Hi Beautiful!

If you have landed on this page it may be synchronicity!

Perhaps I have something for you.

Are you someone who is:

  • Feeling intrigued by the mystical and the magical?

  • Attracted to study the Diploma for Tarot but you want more?

  • A need for ritual, ceremony and a spiritual path?

  • Needing help with getting your Tarot business out into the world?

Do you feel?

  • A desire to learn Tarot but something more than the average course

  • A need to reconnect to the Divine Feminine inside of you

Then the Intuitive Queen VIP Program could be exactly what you are looking for!

The Energy of Women all around the World is Changing!

Something inside of us is demanding more.

More aliveness. More connection. More awareness.

Studying and embodying the Tarot cards in a Feminine way can help you reconnect to yourself.

Your Time is Now!

Women right now are going through a rapid time of transformation. We are literally RISING UP and saying enough. We are different but equal. We are not men and we do not need to act like men in the world. We need to find a way to grow and thrive, while remaining loyal to our own unique needs as a woman.

Tarot has the ability to bring us through this transformational time with guidance and clarity.

When Tarot is taught in a symbolic feminine way, it ignites something deep inside our belly. We can feel reborn and renewed. I teach in a way that incorporates all that you are.

My VIP Mentoring Program helps women walk the path of The Intuitive Queen.


The VIP Mentoring program is a container within which you will go deep into the world of mysticism, tarot, magick, the Divine Feminine and archetypal symbolism. You also get FULL ACCESS to The Diploma in Tarot.

Each client is catered for depending on her own specific needs.

Contact Sinead today at [email protected] for more information

Access to The Diploma in Tarot

Total access to the full Diploma in Tarot program, including the ability to get Certified within a year of purchase. You also have access to extra bonus Masterclasses and ecourses.

Monthly Session

Each month you have access to a 1-1 session with Sinead which goes for the length of the VIP program. We meet via Zoom /Skype at a time convenient to both of us.

Weekly Catch Up

The first day of the week (Monday) I will connect via email/messenger so see how your week is and suggest exercises, homework, ritual or study depending on your needs.

A Happy VIP Graduate

Asa J Nilsson, Life and Business Coach, now incorporates Tarot into her daily work.

I adored working with Asa - what a firecracker of a woman!

You can also see her incredibly beautiful business video HERE.

To check out her amazing work and podcast go to More Moss to the People

If you want to learn Tarot/Oracle cards as a tool to come home to yourself, then this program is for you!

To find out more about what is entailed in the Diploma CLICK HERE

Come Join Me....

This program is open to a select number of women per year. Connect with me at [email protected] and we can work out if we are a good fit together.

This program is for you if:

  • You are serious about your sacred path with the Tarot
  • You are willing to work with your Intuition
  • You want to connect to your Inner Divine Feminine
  • You want a step by step plan of how to become a great Tarot reader
  • You want help interpreting your Tarot readings
  • You may even want guidance on how to bring your Tarot business to the world

This program is not for you if:

  • You want me to spoon feed you the Tarot card meanings
  • You want to hang another course on your belt
  • You do not want to get to know yourself better
  • You want me to interpret your Tarot spreads and tell you who you are and what you are supposed to do in life

For more information contact Sinead at [email protected]


My name is Esmeralda, I wanted to share a little of my wonderful experience studying with Sinead. When I started my Tarot journey a couple of years ago I was looking for a teacher/ mentor I could connect with. I had some experience with other programs, but I felt I wasn't connecting or learning much. My intuition just kept telling me there was something out there. So, I literally googled Tarot for Women. I remember hearing that little voice saying, 'Tarot for Women, just look it up'.

And there it was. Tarot for Women! I was in Awe. I couldn't believe my eyes. I instantly accessed Sinead free ecourse, I was amazed at the instant connection to her. I felt it was magical. I became part of her wonderful community and continued to study " The Sinead way". (lol) That's what I called it!!!.

Then I attended Sinead's 3 day FREE training, I'm in California and I remember setting my alarm to 3am my time. I manifested being able to be part of this once in a lifetime opportunity!!! Not only was I able to enroll in the Diploma in Tarot, I was also able to be part of Sinead's 1:1 VIP program. When I say this has been a life-changing experience I mean every thing in my life has changed. Sinead has given me the tools and knowledge to be able to not only connect with my cards, but to use my intuition daily.

Who am I?

My name is Sinead Fine and I am a Professional Tarot Reader, mentor and teacher. I hold a whole bag of experience and qualifications that I bring to my VIP sessions - shamanic healing, channeling, focus work as well as bringing women to deeper self awareness.

I am a priestess of the Divine Feminine and her energy is central to my work. I believe that when we return to our own inner divinity, magic happens!

My passion is to bring women to a place of self awareness and empowerment. To a sense of coming home to themselves.

Why Work with Me?

Because I can hold the space for you to transform into who you really are.

Not only will I help you learn the Tarot cards, I will also help you formulate your own style. I teach you how to open up safely to your intuition. I will guide you gently. I help you find your own inner power, all while staying grounded in your body and in everyday life.

I have qualifications in: Natural Medicine (BHSc), Stress Management counselling, Reiki Master, Reflexology and other body therapies.

I have experience in: Co-Counselling, Family Constellation, Tantra, Shamanic apprenticeship, ritual and holding space.

I have participated in: Hundreds of Red Tents, Women's Circles, Shamanic Circles, Witches Circles, Ritual Circles and Initiations. Seven years of Jungian psychotherapy, Ten years of 5 Rhythms and so much more....

VIP Experience

Kim Eisman

Tarot Reader/Channeler/

Grief Consultant

The VIP Program has changed

my life in beautiful and meaningful ways.

Sinead’s intuition-based approach to tarot has

helped me remember who I am. My intuition

has grown in ways I couldn’t have predicted.

As part of Sinead’s Diploma in Tarot, I

completed my project, Using Tarot to Help in

the Grief Process, which created my passion for

grief consulting. As I was reading for my

volunteers, my intuition opened further, and I

began developing channeling abilities. I am now

able to help my querents connect to loved ones

who have passed.

My experience with The

VIP Program has impacted my life so

profoundly that I have now started my own

tarot business.

Sinead guided me with her extensive experience and

gave me ideas, not only on developing my

business, but also on growing my tarot

knowledge and taking care of myself during this

time of growth.

One of the best decisions I have ever made was

signing up for Sinead’s VIP Program

Program. It helped me to come home to my

true self and find my soul’s purpose.


The VIP Mentoring program is a four month container within which you will go deep into the world of mysticism, tarot, magick, the Divine Feminine and archetypal symbolism. You also get FULL ACCESS to The Diploma in Tarot.

Each client is catered for depending on her own specific needs.

Contact Sinead today at [email protected] for more information