Step Five - Your Five Tarot Readings


You must complete five Tarot Readings. You will not receive your Diploma until they have been finished and sent in. You are requested to do three types of readings – face to face, audio and email.

Details are below on specifics.

Please do not send readings one by one over months – they will not be accepted. Send them all together when finished. You can send any time of the year but it must be at least 4 months after purchase of the Diploma / VIP package

If Sinead believes there are grand errors in your readings she will inform you and will help you understand and may request new Tarot Reading/s.

The emphasis she places on the readings is on your interaction with your client, body language and ability to help. It is not based on reciting the tarot card keywords. She wants to see connection, empathy and the ability to assist others in times of need.



You must complete One Audio Reading.

Please record yourself on the phone with someone (they must be on loudspeaker so they can also be heard). All smart phones have recorders. If you do not have one – borrow one. Or use another method of recording.

Keep the audio recording in the range of 5 - 10 minutes and focus on one or two questions.



You must complete 1 email reading.

A template is attached at the end of this document to inspire you but please make your own template to show your individuality.

Organize via email a reading for someone. Answer 1 question for your client. Give the client a clear answer and explain why by describing the cards. You do not need to attach a photo of the cards. You can use any spread, tarot deck etc that you want. Send me the email reading as a PDF.

I also want to see the interactions via email to understand how you communicated and came to the right question. Copy and paste the emails onto a word document (do not forward the emails/name of client of your interaction to me due to privacy reasons).


This is the most important part of the Tarot Readings. You must record yourself giving 3 Video Readings.

There are various ways to record and send a video:

1)   You can record with a smart phone and send the video.

2)   You can use whatever recording equipment you have and send the video.

3)   You can create a small private Facebook Group and do Facebook Live inside of the group with the person you are reading for beside you.

4)   You can do a Zoom session with someone and record it.

Readings should range from 15 to 30 minutes. Videos longer than 40 minutes will not be accepted. Use whatever tarot deck and spread you want.

The video must be recording you and the person you are reading to. The video must not be showing the cards. I must see your face and the face of the person you are reading for. You do not have to use their real name. 

Template for Suggested Tarot Card Email Reading.pdf
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