Support from Sinead @ Tarot for Women

One of the special things about the Diploma course is that I am with you.

Monday - Thursday during the week I am available for questions on content or anything that comes up for you around the material.

I am active in both of the Facebook groups most of the days and I encourage you to get to know other women from around the world in there. Beautiful friendships have started because of this group.

If and when you decide to send in all your material for the Certification process, I will guide you each step of the way. I encourage you with your project and I give in-depth feedback to your recorded readings. When we have our 1 - 1 session, I will help you see your strengths and how to guide you on your future path.

Most ecourses do not give such individual help and this is what I feel makes the Tarot for Women Diploma course so special. My aim is to help empower you - not to be a carbon copy of me or my style - but to help you grow into YOUR true self.

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