Lesson 5 - Ethics and Boundaries and keeping you safe

Welcome to Module 3 Lesson 5

This will be one of the most important lessons for you because it will help you determine your future with the cards.

In this lesson you will learn...

  • The 3 main groups of people to come for Tarot readings
  • How I created my own Ethics and Boundaries from trial and error
  • I explore the ethics around third party readings
  • Discover what your own values, ethics and boundaries are
  • A few example of how I had situations that made me build boundaries and develop ethics

Some people choose to become a coach, counsellor or psychologist and use the Tarot cards as a tool in their practice.

Do not forget to download your PDF workbook. I mentioned a separate sheet with my ethics and boundaries. You can now read them online at my website at the end of the Tarot Reading page.

Cert. Module 3 Lesson 5 Ethics and Boundaries.pdf
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