Step Three - Watch all of the Live Readings

Welcome to the Live Readings

In these lessons you will discover common problems many women have and how to help them navigate it.

Please download the PDF directly below each video and study it carefully. It goes into the psychological analysis and a breakdown of how I did the reading.

  • I suggest watching the video first while taking notes of your observations.
  • Then read the PDF alone after the video.
  • Then reading the PDF again alongside the video. Take notes of what YOU might have said in the same situation.

The aim is not that you become a carbon copy of me. It is simply to see a live reading in action and how I connect the problem to a question and then come up with a solution. It is a process that can be learned with practice. You may find over time that you would do or say something different and that is great - it means you are developing your own style.

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