The STEPS to get a Diploma in Tarot - The Certification Process

Here is all the basic information you need to study the Diploma in Tarot.

You get a lot of bonus material but do not be overwhelmed. You do not need to learn any of the bonus material in order to get a Diploma.

What you do need is the following CORE CURRICULINUM and all the steps are laid out the same in the curriculum:


Study well the Tarot Basics ecourse


Study well the Certificate in Tarot ecourse


Study well the Live Readings


Scroll down further on the Curriculum page to read more about the Certification process to get a Diploma. You can prepare all your material any time you want but please contact me once you decide to do the process. The I prefer that you send in all the material at the same time.

Once I have received all the material she can then contact you for a One Hour Mentoring session to go over all your material and help you plan for the future. You have one year from time of purchase to apply and get a Diploma in Tarot.

It is important to note that the course material and monthly trainings are available to you for as long as this course lasts. (which I hope is a very long time).

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